The Creative Age Festival of Edmonds welcomes you and your organization to be a part of a vibrant and motivational event that connects retirement-age individuals from Snohomish and King Counties with opportunities to become more Creative, Active, Fulfilled, and Engaged.

Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)

We invite you and your organization to become a Community Partnership TEAM Player.  We'll work together to connect an essential part of our community with myriad opportunities to flourish and thrive in their retirement years. By encouraging this generation of adults to stay Creative, Active, Fulfilled, and Engaged, we not only empower them to (re)discover their potential but also enable them to strengthen our community. At the same time, your organization receives the reciprocal benefits of supporting your Corporate Social Responsibility goals, gaining wide recognition for your generous donation of time are support, and achieving an overall increase in group morale.

Here's How You Can Help

As a Community Partnership TEAM Player, your organization can help by providing:

  • In-kind donations
  • Email and Mail Distribution
  • Marketing Support
  • Promotional Assistance
  • Logistical Aid

Learn More

To get more detailed information about becoming a CAFE Community Partnership TEAM Player, you can visit our Become a Community Partner page or contact our Executive Director, Sonia Gilman, at