(Choose 1 from each session)


8:30-9:45 | SESSION I 

The Magic of Memoir: A Memoir Writing Workshop | Janette Turner

Experience the magic of learning to write your own memoir with Janette Turner, memoir writing coach, journalist for, and past president of EPIC Group Writers. In this entertaining, one-hour workshop, you will learn why writing your life story is important and how sharing your past can be of value to yourself and others. You will be given a prompt to generate story ideas that could be the basis of a memoir that connects with your future readers. At the end of the workshop, you will experience the joy that comes from seeing your life story take shape.

I’ve Never Been This Age Before | Dori Gillam
If you’re over 50, what does it mean to “act your age”? Can we still have fun without looking childish? We’ll have fun as we explore ideas on how to “own our age.” Learn a refreshing aging-well formula and how to craft your own legacy around aging to become “Age-Engaged”!

European Travel Skills | Mary Ann Cameron
Learn the secrets of safe, smart, fun-filled and inexpensive international travel with Rick Steves’ Europe tour guide Mary Ann Cameron. Find out how to plan an efficient itinerary, pack light, eat and sleep comfortably on a budget, maximize adventure and minimize crowds, and experience the “real Europe” with someone who’s spent years traveling throughout Europe and the Middle East regions.

Making Sense of Our Polarized Nation | Dr. Anu Taranath
How can we better navigate our increasingly polarized communities? Renowned professor from the University of Washington, facilitator and public speaker Dr. Anu Taranath guides this powerful conversation about what polarization really means, when to draw a line in the sand and how to better navigate this moment in time.

Oh, My Aching Joints! | Dr. Shawn Slack and Dr. Thuc Nguyen
Do you really know why your joints ache or what causes it? Understand the complexities of arthritis and how to treat it—and even prevent it—with help from the experts. Dr. Shawn Slack and Dr. Thuc Nguyen have dedicated their careers to better understanding and treating rheumatology conditions, including the more than 100 types of arthritis that affect more than 53 million Americans.

The Facility Makerspace | David Voetmann
Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur! Edmonds Community College Project Designer David Voetmann is calling on all artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, hobbyists and world-changers to embrace the "Maker and Do It Yourself" movement and turn your ideas into reality. You’ll learn how to tap into the exciting world of "The Facility" at EdCC—a public space for ordinary people with extraordinary ideas to gather and gain access to the cutting-edge tools tools, training, and community you need to turn your thoughts into things. There’s never been a better time—or place—to put your imagination and skills to work and change your world!

10:00-11:15 | SESSION II

Self-Publishing | Cherie Tucker
Have you always wanted to have your work in a published book? Cherie Tucker, award-winning copywriter and owner of GrammarWorks, shows you how to fulfill your dream. Learn what it takes to self-publish your book—and get a grammar check from one of the best in the business!

The Road to Good Health: Eating to Reduce Inflammation | Martha Peppones
Who says healthy eating can’t be fun? Experience the pleasure of creating a delicious, nutritious diet with registered dietitian Martha Peppones of Senior Services in Snohomish County and see what a powerful impact healthy eating can have on you. Discover how to eat right to lead a healthier and happier life!

Watercolor with Colored Pencils | Denise Cole
Brighten your world with this fun and easy watercolor class! Award-winning painter Denise Cole of Cole Gallery and Cole Art Studio focuses on creating a painting with the simplest of methods: watercolor pencils, water and a brush. All supplies are included to help you create your own 7x9 inch original work of art!

How to Get Comfy Talking about Race, Gender, and other Uncomfy Topics | Dr. Anu Taranath
Un-tie that tongue and learn how to speak easily and confidently about sensitive social topics! From race and gender to religion and politics, join distinguished University of Washington professor, speaker and facilitator Dr. Anu Taranath for a frank look at what makes us uncomfortable and why—and how—we can turn our discomfort into comfortable conversation.

Volunteer with the Phoenix Theatre | Melanie Calderwood and Debra Rich Gettleman
If you love the theatre but don’t necessarily want to be on stage, this is the class for you! With our lessons on “How to Get your Name in Lights,” you’ll discover how to become involved in other theater essentials such as set design, props, costumes, ticket taking, ushering, lighting, etc.  You’ll engage in short acting exercises, too, with “Improvisation: The Gateway to Unleashing Creativity,” and you’ll learn about opportunities in both professional and community theater.

Life Reimagined | Dori Gillam
One of our most popular speakers, Dori Gillam returns to CAFE to demonstrate the incredible power of reimagining your life! It’s never too late to change course and try a new path. As an AARP Life Reimagined facilitator, Dori is dedicated to creating new communities for older adults and teaching us how to envision and embrace a new life.

Getting to the Core of Hard Cider Popularity: A Cider and Cheese Pairing | Steve Kaiser
Go beyond wine and learn to pair hard cider with the right cheese, under the expert guidance of Steve Kaiser, owner of Edmonds-based Core Hero Hard Cider. Learn the finer points of what goes into making a quality cider, how apple blends affect flavor notes, and how to maximize the experience with the perfect savory treats.


11:30-12:30 | SILVER KITE INTERGENERATIONAL THEATRE (performance included with registration)

Silver Kite's Intergenerational Theatre Company creates life changing performances that bridge generations and create deep connections with audiences, using the company's life experiences and life stories as a source for the development of scenes, songs, and movement sequences.

Enjoy this unforgettable performance of Paper—an original theatre and storytelling performance based on the life stories of its cast members. Paper stars 5 men and women, ages 17 - 72, who share personal stories and memories related to the uses of paper in our everyday lives. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, this performance weaves intergenerational life experiences through music, dance, mime, storytelling, theatre, and a conversation with the audience after the performance.


12:30-1:30 | LUNCH


1:45-3:00 | SESSION III

Using Your Camera’s Manual Settings | Diana Scheel

Capture important moments in your life and the beauty in the world around you. Respected photographer Diana Scheel takes you beyond “auto” to discover how to make the best use of your camera settings. Explore the three fundamental elements of photography (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Seed) and how they interact with each other. Experiment with new techniques and learn how to create amazing photos with great composition, rather than just getting snapshots.

Traveling with A Mobile Device | Kevin Williams
Smarten up your smart phone! Traveling with a mobile device isn’t always as simple as it seems—especially overseas. Kevin Williams of Rick Steves’ Europe has great tips on how to make the most of your Apple or Android device while traveling, including how to take advantage of the most helpful apps for navigating a foreign land and how to avoid outrageous data fees.

Feng Shui for Wellness | Diane Easley
Transform your world by inviting “ease” and “flow” into your life through the powerful principals of Feng Shui. Feng Shui practitioner and author Diane Easely demonstrates the healing power of incorporating this ancient practice into your life for optimum wellness and happiness. This lively, fun and inspiring class offers simple, easy steps to help you create wellbeing and calm in a chaotic world.

Rain Gardens | Kate Riley
Embellish and nourish your yard with a beautiful, soothing rain garden! Kate Riley with the Snohomish Conservation District shares her knowledge and passion for gardening with a focus on sustainable landscaping. Learn how to bring your yard to life—and lend the Salish Sea a helping hand in the process!

Life without Limits | Dr. Gloria Burgess
No matter how challenging your life may seem, there is always a way to move beyond merely surviving to thriving. Using vivid stories from her own life of rising above extreme adversity, Dr. Burgess shows you that there is always a reason to keep on going and that you can empower yourself to live a Life Without Limits!

What Would Self-Love Do? | Dr. Jane Tornatore
Learn to reduce stress and actually like yourself more! Locally and nationally acclaimed therapist and facilitator Dr. Jane Tornatore will help you learn to love all of yourself, not just the “good” parts.  Through compassion, curiosity, deep listening, and heartfelt optimism, along with powerful shots of playfulness, learn to understand how boundaries make you a partner/parent/friend, develop tools to reduce anxiety, discover the power your thoughts have on your ability to act, and make your feelings less overwhelming.

Plant Art for Personal Enjoyment | Linda Toccoli
Reconnect with nature by learning how to care for and embellish your plants. As the Greenhouse Manager at Edmonds Community College, Linda Toccoli believes every day in the world of horticulture offers a learning opportunity. Get to know various types of plants, how to nurture them, and how to unleash your artistic imagination to incorporate decorative objects with your greenery. Get your hands dirty in this interactive class and feel wonderful satisfaction from creating something of your own that you get to take home.


3:15-4:30 | SESSION IV

The Poetry of Food | Monda Van Hollebeke

Unleash your inner poet! Beginning with a Buddhist meditation on eating an orange, award-winning poet Monda Van Hollebeke guides us through two great poems about eating experiences. We’ll learn the “hot pen technique” to free-write on a choice of three prompts regarding food as well as explore editing and revising techniques. We’ll also have the option of sharing our writings with the group. This class is for beginning and intermediate level writers, or simply for poetry lovers. Paper, pencils, handouts, and oranges provided.

*InBody Fitness Analysis | Megan Wood
Back by popular demand, InBody Fitness Biometrics will be provided during the first three sessions by Fitness Director Megan Wood from Harbor Square Athletic Club. The process itself takes less than 60 seconds on the InBody 570 machine. In this Session IV workshop, Megan will teach you to analyze your data and discover the next steps to a healthier lifestyle so you can move better, feel better, and look better!

Creating Wildlife Habitat in Your Own Back Yard | Kate Riley
Create your own backyard sanctuary and wildlife habitat under the guidance of environmental engineer and lifetime gardener Kate Riley of the Snohomish Conservation District. She’ll share her knowledge and passion for gardening with a focus on sustainable landscaping to help you embellish and nourish your natural surroundings.

Travel as A Volunteer | Joyce Major
Learn to vacation with a mission! Few experiences enrich a trip quite like sharing your time and talents as a volunteer. An expert on "voluntourism," award-winning author and global volunteer Joyce Major will share practical advice on setting up a trip and discuss the rewards of working side-by-side with community members to help them improve their corner of the world.

Qigong for Wellness | Suzanna McCarthy
Looking for a boost in energy and vitality? Better balance, flexibility and coordination? Peace of mind, reduced pain and greater wellbeing? Qigong may be just what you are looking for. In this workshop, learn safe, easy, gentle movements that activate the Healer Within, our body’s natural capacity to enhance, renew and restore health and healing without added medication, extra cost, or unwelcome side effects. It’s simple to learn, and even minutes a day can make a difference in jump-starting a healthier, happier YOU!

Getting Started with Birding | Burt Guttman
Spread your wings and explore the rewarding world of birding! Let Burt Guttman, author of Finding Your Wings and professor emeritus at The Evergreen State College, teach you about our feathered friends. Learn to enhance your observation and skills to make the most of your ornithological experience. While this workshop is designed for birding beginners, experienced birders will also gain informative insight into the world of birding.

Hands-on Photography Using Your Manual Settings | Diana Scheel
Take your photography skills to the next level with this hands-on workshop designed to practice using your manual settings. Head outdoors with the exceptional photographer Diana Scheel to learn how ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture work together to get different results in your photography. Students do not need to take the first CAFE photography class (Session III) in order to participate, but you must know how to change the settings on your camera and have basic knowledge of the exposure triangle.


4:45-5:45 | KEYNOTE: DR. GLORIA BURGESS (included with registration)

Make Your Life Count
We all bring unique gifts to this world—are you making the most of yours? Award-winning author and performer Gloria Burgess inspires us to recognize the gifts not only in others, but also in ourselves. Dr. Burgess reminds us, “Now, more than ever, the world needs you to bring your gifts forward to make the difference that only you can make.”


5:45-7:00 | CAFE SOIRÉE (Hosted Happy Hour and Live Music included with registration)

Unwind and catch up after an energizing day of inspiring and educational workshops at our CAFE Soirée! Join us for an evening of relaxation and fun conversations in our large waterfront gathering room with sweeping views of the Edmonds harbor, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Chat with some of your instructors and meet others whose classes you weren’t able to take. Enjoy refreshments and libations from Gallagher’s Where-U-Brew and Core Hero Hard Cider. Get a lesson in wine varieties from Jeff Boyer and his Uncorked team as you sample some of Arista Wine Cellars’ finest. And unwind to the soothing sounds of The Richard Cole Group performing live jazz throughout the evening. The cost for this event is included in your registration fee.